Kaitlyn Hurst

Kaitlyn Hurst

Marketing Portfolio

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Google Hardware Partnerships

Partner Marketing Manager

Pixel 3 & YouTube Music

Integrated Marketing & Partnership Lead


Lead the YouTube Music Partnership to offer 6 months of free YouTube Music to qualifying customers.


Scope of Work

Included project, partnership and creative management across teams: launch event, press, digital maketing and TV, events and retail.



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Coordinated Google Store placement for YouTube Music offer.

Drove gloabl creative and legal approvals.

Pixelbook, Pixel Slate, & YouTube TV

Integrated Marketing & Partnership Lead

Scope of Work: Included project, partnership and creative management across teams, launch event, press, digital marketing and TV, events and retail.

Year: 2018

Coordinated with social teams on @madebygoogle placement, concept and timing

Partnered with YouTube TV to secure the license for a relevant content from networks.

Pixel Slate positioning in education

Review insights, key value propositions, differentiators and barriers to purchase to determine positioning.

Scope of Work: Define strategy and present to leadership, product managers, and legal.

Write content & design placements.

Year: 2018




Integrated Marketing

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Amazon Account Management & Marketing

Scope of Work: Marketing strategy, creative and optimization. Project management. Contract negotiations.

Year: 2017 - 2018

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Amazon Launchpad

Lead negotiations, scripting and filming of video for Launchpad homepage and social placements.

Facebook video out-performed expectations with >182K views.

Coordinate across marketing programs, including AMS, to maximize impact.

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Content overhaul for product pages.

Create consistent marketing look/feel across all channels.

Optimize for mobile experience, key features and barriers to purchase.

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Whistle Partner Program

Developed and managed a scalable partner program to manager inbound non-profit, retail, wholesale, and marketing partnership requests.

Scope of Work: Partnership evaluations and system management. Inbound marketing

Year: 2017



Android Wear

(Wear OS)

Integrated Marketing & Partnerships

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Launched more than 20 watches with over 14 partner brands

Manage marketing relationships with watch hardware partners, focusing on: product launches, integrated marketing, strategic co-branding initiatives and content development.

Including content development for executive speeches, social, announcements and launch campaigns.

Creative lead for platform channel marketing activities.

Android Wear fixture - Best Buy

Creative director for the launch of the new Android Wear fixture in Best Buy for Q4 2016.

Scope of Work: Differentiate Android Wear watches in a cluttered and fragmented wearables section in Best Buy.

Year: 2016

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Winter Watch Face Collection

Launched the 2015 Winter Watch Face Collection, resulting in 300K+ visits and 20K+ app downloads (Dec 15 - Jan 5) to position Android Wear watches as the best in wearables fashion.

Scope of work: Partner & Designer Relationships. Creative Director. Launch planning. Copywriter for announcement blog post.

Year: 2015

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Launch blog post.

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Personal Projects:

Finding The Feel

Podcast launch, Production & Promotion


Horse training from the human perspective. Much like NBA or NFL players do for the general public, we seek to make professional horsemen/women relatable to the everyday horse person, and empower improved horsemanship through extraordinary examples.

1) Make the world of elite horses accessible to the everyday horse person
2) Build a more intimate relationship within the performance horse industries 3) Provide value from experts

Finding The Feel - a podcast

Each interview is focused on sharing the value, mentality, and habits that make that guest successful as an elite horse person. Developed branding guidebook, guest and PR one-pagers. Graphic design for all content.
Promoted through trainer and guest relationships, organic and paid social media, CRM, and networking.

Year: 2018


Host & producer

Episode featured & social images

Content creation for each episode designed for easy and visual social sharing.

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Grow and manage email list.

Build trust with listeners and develop a community around the podcast.

Drive listens and opportunities for sharing.

“You need to have a program that let’s that horse win, and kind of realize ‘hey this is fun and there’s a point to this”.jpg

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